April 18, 2024

Amazon’s story of operating in the UK for the past 25


Last year I was part of the Hey Brutus production team that were commissioned to tell the Amazon story of operating in the UK over the past 25 years.

This story was all about the companies that work with Amazon, whose businesses have been transformed because of the unique platform. One such company was SURI, Sustainable Rituals who are creating personal care products that help people live more sustainably; without compromising on quality, performance, or design.

The SURI toothbrush delivers an exceptional clean for your teeth with a minimal impact on our planet in a world where over 4 billion toothbrushes end up in landfill or in our oceans every year.

I photographed portraits of co-founders Mark Rushmore and Gyve Safavi, as well as capturing the design team working on new designs with a 3D printer.

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