April 3, 2024

Assigned to photograph the Microsoft Advertising Global Partner Award winners


I was recently assigned to photograph the 2024 Microsoft Advertising Global Partner Award winners of the “Global Social Impact Award”.

The Microsoft Advertising Partner Awards acknowledges and celebrates companies and teams in the Elite and Select tiers of the partner program for the great work they have done in 2023 across Advertising Agency Partners, Channel Partners, Supply Partners and Technology Partners in a number of different awards categories. The awards continue to honour and celebrate the winners’ remarkable journeys and lasting impact, showcasing their role as both changemakers and partners, in helping their clients and customers reach their full potential.

Congratulations to Publicis Group.

I worked closely with the Microsoft Advertising team to coordinate the shoot of the Publicis Group team in Paris. It was an early start on the Eurostar accompanied by my lighting assistant, Dave Bird, and carrying a full camera kit plus portable Profoto lighting. After reviewing a few location options, I settled on the top floor conference room and roof terrace which were at the time occupied. This meant a fast turn around of arranging the space for the portrait and setting up the lighting.

I had always set out to capture two alternative group portraits, to select from. This was only achievable in the allocated time if the locations were close to each other. I therefore captured the first portrait in the conference room and the second on the roof terrace overlooking the Arc de Triomphe.

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