May 2, 2024

“Enrich Me with Your Difference” Exhibition

Exhibition, Humanitarian

Tomorrow, 3rd May 2024, is the last day of my exhibition “Enrich Me with Your Difference”. The photography on display in the North Transept of St Albans Cathedral celebrates a career of humanitarian photography working with charitable organisations. The objective was always to showcase the work of the organisations featured but to also inspire others to look for opportunities in their lives to make a difference.

The response has been incredible with some amazing feedback from the visitors to the Cathedral, and exposure online. The exhibition has featured on the BBC website and supported by the charities involved through their social media, with the sponsors, including 9 Yards Creative, Metro Imaging and Nando’s, plus in the Nikon owner Magazine. St Albans Cathedral is a beautiful space to exhibit the work and it has been great to have them promoting this exhibition alongside other St Albans media organisations. I must also thank the Mouse Bishop of St Albans. If this confounds you then search this up on Twitter … it was good to have the power of such a divine rodent behind the exhibition.

I am currently exploring ways of how we can turn this into a touring exhibition of other similar spaces. If you anyone has any suggestions or connections that might help, please get in touch.

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