May 13, 2024

FILM “Enrich Me with Your Difference” Exhibition reflection.


Four weeks of exhibiting, attended by twenty-five thousand visitors, viewing twenty years’ worth of photographing for charitable organisations. The exhibition has raised money for charity and contributed to the St Albans artist in residence programme to inspire people to look for ways to make a difference.

Thank you everyone that left a comment in the “Visitor Book”. Here are a few of my personal favourites …

“Inspirational”. X 18

“Insightful photos showing our common humanity globally”.

“Thought provoking photos that somehow exude joy and hope”.

“You truly capture the depth of all these people’s stories through your photographs. These are stories which need to be kept in the minds and thoughts of those who see the world for what it has to hold”.

“Your pictures are thought provoking and inspiring”.

“The meaning behind this exhibition really resonates with me. Remembering that you’re not alone in striving for change is sometimes difficult, but your work has provided me with another avenue to remember the power of humanity”.

“Testimony to the human spirit of endurance and resilience”.

“These awesome photos both educate and encourages us to be enriched with the differences portrayed”.

“Powerful and moving images”.

I am currently exploring ways of how we can turn this into a touring exhibition of other similar spaces. If you anyone has any suggestions or connections that might help, please get in touch.

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