November 20, 2023

Featured in Architecture magazine’s Dec/Jan 2024 issue


Architecture magazine’s Dec/Jan 2024 issue feature my photography.

My photography of the award winning JLL Offices in Canary Wharf appears in an article able the importance of “Acoustics at Work”. Many businesses are willing to invest in the appearance of their workplace but neglect the soundscape. High noise levels have been shown to negatively impact productivity, reduce concentration levels, and increase stress. In open plan offices, this is exacerbated due to the large number of people working in close proximity and the space itself, which offers no protection against noise reverberations.

The most important factor in the design of any environment is the end user. This means creating spaces that are both great to look at and enjoyable to occupy – from the lighting to the ergonomic layout, and the acoustics of space companies need to priorities the wellbeing of their employees.

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