July 19, 2023

Featured interview in Asset Magazine

Humanitarian, Commercial, Architecture, Editorial, General

I am featured in a seven ‘double’ page spread interview in the July 2023 issue of Asset Magazine, South Africa’s leading digital and award-winning commercial property magazine.

Each month the magazine features people who are linked to the commercial property world – directly, laterally, or creatively.

I was approached to speak about my architecture and interior photography with a particular interested in my ‘partnership’ with Nando’s.

The team at Asset wanted to explore my diverse photographic repertoire and understand if there were any cross over advantages for myself or the organisations that I work with. I talked to them about my humanitarian photography and how I like to work with commercial clients such as Nando’s, who’s ethos is to try and make a positive impact to improve the world around them.

Interviews always make you stop and think about what you are doing. You begin to analyse how you came to be the photographer that you are and why you work for the clients that you do.

The article features architectural photographs of projects by CallisonRTKL, Tetris DB, Gensler and HOK; Nando’s restaurants by Harrison, Fusion dna and Moreno Masey; and photos of me.

Check out the full feature at :- https://assetmag.co.za/issue116/index.html?page=238#

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