April 2, 2024

Featured on the British Red Cross Update


It is a week away from the launch of my solo exhibition, “Enrich Me with Your Difference” which is currently featured on the British Red Cross volunteer update.

The exhibition will run between Tuesday 8th of April and Friday 3rd of May in the North Transept of St Albans Cathedral as part of their artist in residence programme, with the current theme of “charity”.

“Enrich Me with Your Difference” celebrates a career of humanitarian photography working with charitable organisations. I am one of the longest serving / volunteering photographers for the British Red Cross with twenty years covering some incredible projects from disaster relief to the help that they do in the community.

Post cards and original prints will be on sale at the Cathedral and via my website, to raise money for some of the organisations featured.

#photography #photographer #makeadifference #humanity #humanrights #charity #humanitarian #photo

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