May 14, 2024

Mental Health Awareness Week


This week, 13th to 19th of May, is Mental Health Awareness Week. Since 2001, the Mental Health Foundation has been leading Mental Health Awareness Week – bringing together the UK to focus on getting good mental health.

“Always in Company” is the latest photography project in collaboration with The Photography Movement, where Suicide and Co are creating a photography collection that represent what company means to each of us.

One of my photographs has been selected for the collection, that brings the idea of company to life in an inspirational way that uplifts and inspires the organisations community and beyond.

Other photographers that have been selected include, Rankin, Charlie Clift, Iakovos Kalaitzakis.

Suicide and Co’s mission is to support bereaved individuals and open the conversation around suicide-related grief. Bereavement in all forms can be traumatic, however suicide often brings a range of added emotions to navigate.

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