December 15, 2023

Season of “Good Will”

Commercial, General, Humanitarian

“Good will” is not just seasonal with Nando’s, it has been infused in the very heart of what they do.

In an interview about how Nando’s started, Robert Brozin explains that “A lot of people don’t understand how to drive purpose in their business. They think that social investment is part of writing a cheque. That’s not the way that we do it. The way that we do it in all our purpose projects is that it gets deeply embedded into the DNA.” So that if one day someone else is running Nando’s it is going to be financially detrimental to cut the changing lives projects, as they are so deeply embedded into the success of the business. If you want to know more about the community projects that Nando’s is involved with, then check out –

I would like to think that Nando’s social investment is a consideration with everyone that they work with, even down to aligning themselves with humanitarian photographers such as myself!

Earlier this year I photographed the new Bridgwater Nando’s at Northgate Yard, as designed by Moreno Masey. The restaurant has eighty-nine internal covers set across a mixture of fixed seating and lose chairs, with live edge banqueting tables alongside flexible single tables. There is a large interlocking wooden feature with interspersed small pendant lights and directional spots, hanging from the ceiling. Ashanti Design supplied two stunning red Utuli Makulu suspension lights along with two NokKhanya lights that are all hand-woven using traditional plaiting techniques. The walls vary from being clad in reclaimed wooden panels, to a concrete render, and three-dimensional green tiles. The restaurant is flavoured with the usual palette of colours, fabrics, and artwork that we identify as uniquely Nando’s.

Clever business practice benefits those around you as well as yourself.

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