May 23, 2024

Showcasing the design of a space

Architecture, Commercial

It feels like the Nando’s Limerick restaurant needs no introduction. It was the one restaurant that I saw all over social media as soon as I had photographed it. The photographs also appeared in a Design Week Feature about the concept of the restaurant.

In advance of the photoshoot, I talked with Annita Liasi of Harrison, to discuss what we wanted to capture in the final images. She explained that in designing the restaurant, Harrison looked at the materiality of the space and the different textures they could introduce. Through using various materials including, different styles of bricks, 3D tiles, concrete walls, and textured fabrics Harrison wanted to add another dimension to this unique space.

The vast ceiling height gave Nando’s the opportunity of creating an impressive ceiling feature that would be visible from all levels. Harrison collaborated with Ashanti Design, a South African lighting and interior design company, to create a vibrant canopy of 32 different sized pendants. Around 585kg of upcycled cotton from fabric houses in South Africa was used to create the lights, averting it from landfill sites. Like the hands that meticulously wove them, each piece is a genuine work of art.

Interior photography is about showcasing the design of a space, capturing the creativity behind the concept, and framing it for the viewer to appreciate. As the lighting dominated the restaurant, I set out to create a set of Nando’s landscapes with the lighting as my sky. Alongside these photos I shot a series of more focused images and abstract details of the design features of the project, juxtaposing the lighting and the various wall claddings.

Each Nando’s restaurant concept is different and designed to characterise its location, blending it with South African style into a holistic design. Green, orange, white and black – the colours of the Irish flag – make up the primary palette, whilst brighter hues contrast with the darker, earthy tones from the concrete walls and timber.

Nando’s identity is not defined by a “one size fits all” restaurant formula. It is an ever-evolving brand with every restaurant continuing the overall Peri-Peri story. I apply the same approach to my photography.

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