July 3, 2023

The “after and before” at the Nexus Building, London

Architecture, Commercial

Occasionally I am asked to photograph the before and after photos of a space. Pictures of the “Cat A” stage of a build and then the completed interior. Other times I am required to match the 3D renders of the final project. In the recent case of photographing at the Nexus Building on Farringdon Road I was returning to photograph a Cat B project that I had previously photographed as the London Headquarters of CallisonRTKL. Instead of a before and after it was a …. “after and before”!

The project is an excellent example of what can be achieved when circular economy practices and opportunities for retention, refurbishment, and reuse are considered.

QOB Interiors was instructed by Brookfield Properties to deliver a refreshed office space, with a team effort from MPGShreeves, FUTURE Designs and Globechain the ESG Reuse Marketplace.

Since opening, CallisonRTKL London has grown significantly to become one of the leading architecture, planning and urban design practices in Europe. Dedicated to creativity, collaboration and innovative thinking, this team is responsible for the design of award-winning places and buildings that celebrate local culture, encourage a sense of community and surpass client expectations.

I have photographed for CallisonRTKL for over ten years in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. They are now based down the road in Blackbull Yard.

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