August 16, 2023

The Peri-Peri sustainable fit-out guide!

Architecture, Commercial, Humanitarian

Nando’s have developed a sustainable fit-out guide to ensure that every new restaurant they open and every restaurant they refurbish is as sustainable as possible. This includes using reclaimed timber or FSC certified sustainable timber. All their lighting is LED and they use as much recycled content as possible in things like tiles and flooring. Nando’s also have building management systems that regulate energy usage, looking out for things like the over-door heater which can’t be on if the air conditioning is on cool. The cycle of refurbishments includes over 30 restaurants each year. Many of these involve extensions, significant internal and external alterations, revision to the kitchen extract plant and outside areas, in new and listed buildings.

I photographed the refurbished Nando’s Southend restaurant as designed by Fusion d&a. The front has been given a complete face lift with a geometric wooden signage panel and green tiled façade. The interior welcomes you with a palette of earthy colours, African fabrics, and rustic materials. Features include the shutter concrete counter front, metal leaf ceiling sculpture, artwork, and the lighting including the African tonga wall lights.

But the benefits of Nando’s refurbishments doesn’t stop there. Nando’s has teamed up with The Employability Trust as well as Hill Cross Furniture giving young people the chance to get back into work by refurbishing the restaurant’s external furniture across the UK.

A total of 190 young people have been given a pathway into sustainable employment through the partnership. And the blossoming relationship has now seen the external cleaning programme progress to a total of 175 restaurants throughout the UK, meaning 3,646 chairs and 1,326 tables have been refurbished. The project has secured the jobs of three people at the north east England-based trust while also allowing a further five roles to be added to their workforce, which now totals 17 people.

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