February 12, 2024

Workspace Interior Photography

Architecture, Commercial

A workspace that fulfils the needs of a company’s employees and provides a comfortable experience for clients, promotes productivity as well as a sense of belonging.

I worked with the designers and marketing team at Tetris DB to photograph their new workspace project that consolidates two floors into one for a specialised insurance company. I was commissioned to capture the ‘Inclusive design’ which merges both traditional and collaborative spaces to ensure a better office experience for employees.

Multi-functional spaces ensure maximum utilisation, avoiding dead spaces and supporting the hybrid working policy. The pantry area has power within the joinery so staff can work there as well as enjoy lunch with colleagues. Alternative work points in addition to traditional workstations boost capacity.

Furniture is utilised in a strategic way. Sedus booths create private meeting spaces in the broker’s lounge, a flexible alternative to built-in rooms. Meeting offices with height adjustable desks and adjustable monitor arms allow for easy transitions from meetings to office work.

Adaptability and mobility were important: Sedus se:cube enclosed pods support quiet work in the lounge spaces; the Fourlikes seating range by Ocee Design is a fully mobile alternative to joinery in the pantry and lounge. 100% sit-stand desks by MDD create a healthier working environment.

Tetris DB focused the colour and texture in the client-facing areas and collaboration zones, while keeping the workspaces more muted and in line with their corporate ethos. All meeting room tables have Fenix worktops with antimicrobial materials and self-healing properties. Camira fabrics were chosen for their recycled material content. Lockers with Bisley DigiLock touch pads provide keyless access, keeping lifetime costs down.

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