February 20, 2023

Zee Garden Rooms Marketing Photography

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As a photographer I will always look at the design and visual content of my client’s websites. I like to know how much a company values its image through photography and film.

Last week saw the launch of two client websites that I was commissioned to produce the visual content for.

Zee Garden Rooms specialises in the design and build of premium garden rooms that are bespoke to all of their clients requirements, whether that’s for a garden office, a beautiful guest room, a peaceful yoga retreat or a soundproofed music studio.

Armed with a Luton van full of photographic equipment, a team of designers, stylists and assistants, props for staging the Garden Rooms and models for lifestyle shots, we spent a day photographing three different garden rooms.

The brief was to capture a variety of photographs that showcase the quality and design of the garden rooms. Zee wanted to work up a selection of lifestyle images, informative interiors, and dynamic detail shots. I worked with the team on a schedule and shot list at each site.

And if you are looking for extra space in the form of a garden room then look no further and check out

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